Music dork status.

Discovered this show since the spring. WATCH IT. IT’LL BLOW YOUR MIND.

But don’t do drugs kids. 

Puns AND rhyming… SCORE.

Stop looking at me like that. There’s only so much a girl can handle.

Decided I would get back on this thing for a little bit… procrastinating is back in fashion.

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Putting the O’ in O’Bama… thumbs up Barack.


My best friend’s biggest pet peeve…

Really people, learn how the English language works!


late-night binging… it’s getting to be a problem. diner b anyone?

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I have no idea where I caught this disease, but I’d love to find a cure.


Been slacking on the sexy men lately… what a classic.

My stupid computer science server is refusing to work right now… thank god ryan is here to get me by!